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We were all raised to live in a world that no longer exists

This Corona business came upon us fast. Lightning fast to be truthful, and under these conditions you're allowed to be a little disoriented.

The problem is we have no background or history or experience with such rapid-fire, head snapping change. There are no rules, because all the rules are now obsolete. We're living in a brand new world, and the old one is not coming back.

I know. It kinda sucks. So go ahead, cry it out. Let it go. Just get it out of your system now because no matter how much we all wish it, the good 'ole days are over.

I don't want to be some smiley faced fool that tells you everything is going to be alright. I just don't believe that. What is more sensible is to gird yourself with a mindset of change. Rather than blaming or cussing or caving in to despair, ready yourself for the new world confronting us.

How do you do that?  1. Expect that inside this disaster is something you can leverage or use in a new way. Maybe it's a new person you…

That town back there....

Sometimes the newest wisdom is the oldest.  I love this story.

There was once and old farmer standing on his property near a road that ran between two small towns.  As he was working he looked up and saw a stranger dragging his way down the road.
            “Hey stranger, how are ya’ today?”
            The stranger looked at him with tired eyes and from what was clearly a bitter soul said, “Not so good today, Mister.  I was just in that town back there and nobody was very nice to me.  Everywhere I went people just looked at me.  Nobody offered me any water or to stay for dinner, and to be honest I didn’t want to stay.  I shook the dust off my feet as I left.”
            “That’s too bad” the farmer said.
            “Say” said the stranger, “can you tell me what the people are like in this next town up ahead here?”
            The farmer’s head drooped as he took off his hat and scratched his brow.  He looked at the stranger.  “I think you’ll find the people in the town up ahead to b…