We were all raised to live in a world that no longer exists

This Corona business came upon us fast. Lightning fast to be truthful, and under these conditions you're allowed to be a little disoriented.

The problem is we have no background or history or experience with such rapid-fire, head snapping change. There are no rules, because all the rules are now obsolete. We're living in a brand new world, and the old one is not coming back.

I know. It kinda sucks. So go ahead, cry it out. Let it go. Just get it out of your system now because no matter how much we all wish it, the good 'ole days are over.

I don't want to be some smiley faced fool that tells you everything is going to be alright. I just don't believe that. What is more sensible is to gird yourself with a mindset of change. Rather than blaming or cussing or caving in to despair, ready yourself for the new world confronting us.

How do you do that?  1. Expect that inside this disaster is something you can leverage or use in a new way. Maybe it's a new person you're going to meet, a new opportunity that never existed before, a new book to read or a new idea that can inspire you to step forward with courage. 2. Remember that your courage is yours. You own it and deploy it on your orders. Order it now. Be strong knowing that come what may you're still here, still functioning, still choosing and moving. Don't give that up. 3.  Rather than waiting for a new leader to step forward, you step forward. It's always been true that the best way to motivate yourself is to motivate others, so do it. Look for just ONE PERSON to encourage, inspire or embolden. Be vocal about this.....very vocal. When the world is crumbling, be the person who sucks it up and tells others to be of strength and confidence, and don't waver on it.

Trust me on this: NOBODY ELSE IS DOING THIS.  The world we loved is all changing, as it has been forever. Surf it, and help others do the same.


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