Everybody has a mindset till they get punched in the face

The fighter Mike Tyson once famously said, "Everyone has a game plan till they get punched in the face." We all know what he means.

Who you are and what you're doing in your life has nothing to do with game plans and mindsets. Game plans and mindset are what you do before you start living. Success, on the other hand is about one thing: what are you going to do in the moments after you've gotten clobbered?

The coronavirus has been a punch in the mouth; a real snot-knocker. We can all taste a little blood, and it's disorienting. And no matter how much momentum or success you've had up to this point, none of it matters.

The only thing that matters from here on out is what comes after the punch. Take this "after the punch" advice:

           1. Remember your brain is not you, and it's waiting for orders. It will fold unless you act.
           2. Spend time focusing on what you want, and don't fear thinking bigger.
           3. Seek out people who know how to fight, who have the nerve, and copy them.
           4. Focus on the skill of generating inner courage when the blood is streaming down your face.

That's the stuff that works in times like these.  It won't be fun for awhile, but success comes to those who get up, focus on keeping their brain on task and active, and not letting it run you into mental muck and head trash after the hit.  You run it or it will run you.

Whether you can see straight or not.


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