We were all raised to live in a world that no longer exists

This Corona business came upon us fast. Lightning fast to be truthful, and under these conditions you're allowed to be a little disoriented.

The problem is we have no background or history or experience with such rapid-fire, head snapping change. There are no rules, because all the rules are now obsolete. We're living in a brand new world, and the old one is not coming back.

I know. It kinda sucks. So go ahead, cry it out. Let it go. Just get it out of your system now because no matter how much we all wish it, the good 'ole days are over.

I don't want to be some smiley faced fool that tells you everything is going to be alright. I just don't believe that. What is more sensible is to gird yourself with a mindset of change. Rather than blaming or cussing or caving in to despair, ready yourself for the new world confronting us.

How do you do that?  1. Expect that inside this disaster is something you can leverage or use in a new way. Maybe it's a new person you…

That town back there....

Sometimes the newest wisdom is the oldest.  I love this story.

There was once and old farmer standing on his property near a road that ran between two small towns.  As he was working he looked up and saw a stranger dragging his way down the road.
            “Hey stranger, how are ya’ today?”
            The stranger looked at him with tired eyes and from what was clearly a bitter soul said, “Not so good today, Mister.  I was just in that town back there and nobody was very nice to me.  Everywhere I went people just looked at me.  Nobody offered me any water or to stay for dinner, and to be honest I didn’t want to stay.  I shook the dust off my feet as I left.”
            “That’s too bad” the farmer said.
            “Say” said the stranger, “can you tell me what the people are like in this next town up ahead here?”
            The farmer’s head drooped as he took off his hat and scratched his brow.  He looked at the stranger.  “I think you’ll find the people in the town up ahead to b…

Steal this Blog

Walt Disney didn't copyright any of his first works. He said, famously, "I can create this stuff faster than anyone can steal it."

Must be nice.

A lot of people want to start a blog but they have no idea what to say. I think I have a solution.
Writing is actually pretty simple. There's two parts: 1. going from nothing to something, and 2. editing.

The first part, staring at a blank piece of paper and coming up with something to say is kind of a gift. To generate an idea out of thin air is something most people just can't do.

I've got the gift.

Editing? Well, editing is just a lot of hard, hard work.

That's why I think you should steal my blogs. I'm serious.  Copy them, rewrite them (edit to fit your needs), and start a blog.

You can even claim credit.  I literally have thousands of these and don't mind sharing them. You can steal anything I have.  Contact me if you want more.

You can start a blog right here, right now in about 5 minutes.

Do it.


Everybody has a mindset till they get punched in the face

The fighter Mike Tyson once famously said, "Everyone has a game plan till they get punched in the face." We all know what he means.

Who you are and what you're doing in your life has nothing to do with game plans and mindsets. Game plans and mindset are what you do before you start living. Success, on the other hand is about one thing: what are you going to do in the moments after you've gotten clobbered?

The coronavirus has been a punch in the mouth; a real snot-knocker. We can all taste a little blood, and it's disorienting. And no matter how much momentum or success you've had up to this point, none of it matters.

The only thing that matters from here on out is what comes after the punch. Take this "after the punch" advice:

           1. Remember your brain is not you, and it's waiting for orders. It will fold unless you act.
           2. Spend time focusing on what you want, and don't fear thinking bigger.
           3. Seek out people …

Don't take any crap off your brain

The first rule of MindRev™ is simply this: Your brain is not you.

Think of it like this: your brain is like a machine, or an employee sitting inside your skull, waiting for directions. If you give it nothing to do it will just run itself and give you whatever it's learned to give you.  For some of us, this output is negative and can be really crushing.This simple misunderstanding (thinking that you are your brain and visa versa) has caused the ruin of many great players and talented people in all walks of life. It's all too common for people to experience failure or head trash or missteps and conclude that "something is wrong with me" and quit.

We need to totally rethink this. Failures, self-doubt, negative self talk and all the rest of it happens because you brain is running on its own with no supervision or control. And you just let it churn out whatever it does and never challenge it.

Honestly, I don't take much crap off my brain. I demand a lot of it. If I&#…

The Hardest Lift

Many years ago I was a young doctoral student at the University of Toledo in Ohio, working on the side with my dad who was one of the leading sports psychologists of his day (checkout Sports Illuustrated, Nov. 26, 1973 issue.) Due to my education, energy and propensity to tinker he gave me the job of creating something in new in the area of performance psychology. He gave me a title, Vice President of Research and Development at the Academy of Sports Psychology and a job.... shake up the world. "Come up with something new that will really rattle the world and make people better."

That was 40 years ago, and I think I have it.  OK, so I wasn't the brightest bird in the flock but I did know how to stick with it and my curiosities have served me well.

Not long ago I saw a muscle bound dude walking through an airport. He was wearing this tight black t-shirt that said something that changed me: "The toughest lift is your ass off the couch."

Amen brutha.

This new blog…