Steal this Blog

Walt Disney didn't copyright any of his first works. He said, famously, "I can create this stuff faster than anyone can steal it."

Must be nice.

A lot of people want to start a blog but they have no idea what to say. I think I have a solution.

Writing is actually pretty simple. There's two parts: 1. going from nothing to something, and 2. editing.

The first part, staring at a blank piece of paper and coming up with something to say is kind of a gift. To generate an idea out of thin air is something most people just can't do.

I've got the gift.

Editing? Well, editing is just a lot of hard, hard work.

That's why I think you should steal my blogs. I'm serious.  Copy them, rewrite them (edit to fit your needs), and start a blog.

You can even claim credit.  I literally have thousands of these and don't mind sharing them. You can steal anything I have.  Contact me if you want more.

You can start a blog right here, right now in about 5 minutes.

Do it.

And don't forget to put your name on them.


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