Don't take any crap off your brain

The first rule of MindRev™ is simply this: Your brain is not you.

Think of it like this: your brain is like a machine, or an employee sitting inside your skull, waiting for directions. If you give it nothing to do it will just run itself and give you whatever it's learned to give you.  For some of us, this output is negative and can be really crushing.This simple misunderstanding (thinking that you are your brain and visa versa) has caused the ruin of many great players and talented people in all walks of life. It's all too common for people to experience failure or head trash or missteps and conclude that "something is wrong with me" and quit.

We need to totally rethink this. Failures, self-doubt, negative self talk and all the rest of it happens because you brain is running on its own with no supervision or control. And you just let it churn out whatever it does and never challenge it.

Honestly, I don't take much crap off my brain. I demand a lot of it. If I'm feeling down or blue or negative or tired I have a process to demand it to give me what I want, be it optimism, confidence, focus, love, hope or energy.  Or maybe all of them! I MAKE MY BRAIN CREATE THOSE STATES, and I don't let it off the hook.

I like feeling good. And I've taught my brain how to mix those chemicals and experiences using some simple tools.  I call it "gaming my brain" and you can learn it too.

If you want to learn a real simple entry-level brain game, look in my videos for the Trigger Loop training.  You'll love it.


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