The Hardest Lift

Many years ago I was a young doctoral student at the University of Toledo in Ohio, working on the side with my dad who was one of the leading sports psychologists of his day (checkout Sports Illuustrated, Nov. 26, 1973 issue.) Due to my education, energy and propensity to tinker he gave me the job of creating something in new in the area of performance psychology. He gave me a title, Vice President of Research and Development at the Academy of Sports Psychology and a job.... shake up the world. "Come up with something new that will really rattle the world and make people better."

That was 40 years ago, and I think I have it.  OK, so I wasn't the brightest bird in the flock but I did know how to stick with it and my curiosities have served me well.

Not long ago I saw a muscle bound dude walking through an airport. He was wearing this tight black t-shirt that said something that changed me: "The toughest lift is your ass off the couch."

Amen brutha.

This new blog is me getting my ass off the couch. In it I will share some of the greatest things I've discovered and developed in sports performance psychology over the last 40 years, and direct you in how you can break the momentum of your life and do something really great with yourself.

It's a modest goal, right? My system is called MindRev™ and it's the stuff that really works. No Bull. Just results.  As Joe Namath said, I guarantee it.  Let's get started.


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